Why Is A Work Operating System, in its original development, was designed as a project management tool. However, the more teams used the platform to collaborate across many divisions and functions, the more they realised that the tool could be built to manage literally anything. As such the platform evolved into the leading Work Operating System globally.  Now managing, tracking and delivering your team’s best work in one workspace has never been easier. 

How To Use For Project Management

Whether you manage simple projects or complicated portfolios, is the best-in-class project management software that allows teams to consistently deliver their best work.  Effective collaboration brings teams together to deliver project alignment, unified communication and total transparency so pushing projects forward on time and within budget. 

Why Is The Best Tool For Process Management

Through process automation, puts your team, business, or division on autopilot. Mundane, repetitive tasks can be automated so freeing your smart-resources and your people up so that they can do what really counts – deliver their best work.

How Assists With HR Managment

Managing HR, recruitment and employee onboarding is simple, effective and keeps your staff engaged.  Collaborate on everything HR-related like recruitment pipelines, onboarding processes, skills development and employee well-being.