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Every path to Digital Transformation is different and completely bespoke and we are happy and capable of assisting at any stage or requirement. Syscor has proven solve-cases for the following categories. 

AI and Machine Learning

Most business challenges are easily solved with high performing algorithms. Less challenges mean more time to focus on what’s truly important. AI will boost your business get you ahead of your competition, quantifiably increase revenues, improve customer service and drive down support costs.

Cloud Services​

Migrating to the cloud delivers on-demand access to resources, data and infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of owning, managing and servicing on-prem equipment. Cloud implementations increase productivity and collaboration across teams and entire organsiations. ​

Business Automation

Putting your business or division on autopilot drastically improves productivity and efficiency while simultaneously driving down opex costs. In some use-cases, smart automation achieves total opex reduction of 35%.


Implementing the correct infrastructure strategy is key to any cloud-migration, automation or AI play. Restructuring of networks, call-platforms and providers unlocks critical budget which can be better spent on tech like AI. We believe you should fund your future, not the past.

Compliance Automation

AI powered automation simplifies and speeds up manual processes and clears the bottlenecks that are losing you customers. Less manual processing, less customer waiting times and increased sales is the core of automation.

Smart Partnerships

We have partnered with the best in order to deliver the most robust, feature rich platforms across our entire offering. We are proudly accredited partners to 

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Google Cloud Platform



Our solutions have been deployed across numerous industries and use-cases. How could we help you?

Through bespoke applications we can help you solve almost any business challenge within your SME, division or multinational environment.  We are geared to assist regardless of the size of your initial project or requirement. 


We have seen the largest uptake of AI and Machine Learning within the banking sector, with digital agents streamlining customer engagement, internal processes and significantly increasing sales volumes. We have built banking specific applications from Sales, Support, Compliance automation to Power Of Attorney digital agents.

Financial & lending

Our proprietary Compliance Automation product; Complai, has transformed the financial services industry by boosting application volumes, slashing approval times and automating the data capture process resulting in more clients, higher lending and approval volumes and reduced opex. Engage with more clients, approve them instantly and activate loans within minutes opposed to days.


The receipt, data capture and processing of CV’s and related information causes resources to be bogged down with admin and client communication to be bottlenecked. Smart automation, digital agents and Complai allow recruiters to drastically increase the volumes of candidate information they can receive, capture and process, ensuring the right candidates always meet the right employer in record times.

Real Estate

The receipt and consolidation of applications, offers to purchase, supporting and compliance documentation needed for purchasing or renting a property can now be completely automated while simultaneous credit approval is instantly processed and received. The automation of document and compliance allows agents to spend more time selling property translating into increased revenues and client retention.


Receiving, capturing and processing travel documents at scale is now made simple through AI and digital agents. Complai will engage with your clients, advise on what documentation is required, package the documents and book your customers trips, all in a matter of seconds, freeing your staff to upsell and deliver next level service.

Contact Centres

Transform your contact centre with AI and provide a service that doubles resolution percentages, halves time to resolution and delivers intelligent queue management in either voice, instant message or mail driven centres. AI allows for structured, precise customer engagements, at scale, across all platforms, while quantifiably reducing opex.


AI and ML algorithms are used to transform manufacturing by optimising manufacturing supply chains, performing live market analysis, assisting in the design and procurement phase of production and efficiently performing mundane administrative processes.The impact that AI and ML is having within the manufacturing space is astronomical.


AI and ML simplifies the lives of patients, doctors and medical administrators by performing tasks, analysis and even diagnosis far faster and at a fraction of the cost of human equivalents. Healthcare is a vertical that can afford zero error so the precision, speed and efficiency in AI is perfectly suited for healthcare organisations.


Engage with, sign up and retain more clients by developing bespoke Conversational AI digital agents. Get ahead of your competition by providing always-on sales and service 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Automation of mundane processes, NLP driven conversations and instantaneous contract and data capture ensure client satisfaction and retention.


Airlines have been early-adopters of AI and ML using the platforms to transform their businesses through customer facing digital agents, smart logistics platforms and even facial recognition luggage matching applications. Coupled with the standard benefits of increased revenues and significant opex reduction airlines across the continent are driving their business and client engagement forward with AI.


AI and Machine Learning-driven marketing automation systems improve specific customer targeting, construct communications that are more precise and engage based on customer behaviour, tone and mood. AI marketing allows you to target potential customers and deliver a precise message to them considerably improving marketing ROI and reducing budget waste.


Procurement organisations and departments use AI and ML to solve complex business challenges quickly and efficiently through smart algorithms. Once embedded and designed AI platforms transform procurement functions such as strategic sourcing, contract management and spend analysis resulting in increased revenues, reduced spend and error-free processes.


Increasing revenues without the astronomical cost, and risk, of growing human sales teams is a prerequisite for any organisation trying to remain competitive. Deploying AI driven sales agents not only increases revenues but significantly improves sales processes and learning. AI agents coach salespeople to sell better through strategic, call and performance analysis.


Digital agents permit support teams to deliver leading customer engagement, across multiple platforms such as instant messaging, text, mail, social and voice, at scale, while freeing up resources to handle more important, strategic customer requirements. The higher engagement and resolution volumes result in greater retention and ultimately increased revenues.

Process Automation

Deploying AI to handle mundane, repetitive internal processes and tasks can reduce staff workload by up to 65% allowing them to focus on key strategic initiatives within the business. Internal applications range from IT administration to HR administration and can be custom designed to facilitate most routine process and staff driven requests.

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The journey to transformation does not need to be complex and convoluted, in fact we have simplified the process into 3 easy steps.

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